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What is Leaking from My Car?


Vehicles use several types of liquids to run different mechanisms and systems to ensure a easy to control and reliable ride. The different fluids are composed of specialized chemicals and oils to ensure they work properly in their respective system. It is important to use to use the correct fluid in each system. As systems age or if they fail for one reason or another they may begin to leak. A vehicle fluid leak is extremely important to take care of right away to ensure that your car doesn't suffer major mechanical damage. Here is a quick guide to common vehicle fluids. If you find a puddle in your driveway be sure to contact your mechanic right away to have the leak repaired.

Brake Fluid Leak

Brake fluid leaks are the worst kind of leaks because they greatly compromise your ability to stop. Brake fluid is a clearish, slightly brown and slick fluid. If you discover it be sure to make an appointment with your mechanic right away, and ask about towing options!

Coolant Leak

Coolant is pumped through your engine and passed through the radiator to keep your engine cool. This fluid is usually bright green but can be pink or yellow and it is slimy to the touch. It also is very sweet smelling, making it attractive to animals, but is is highly poisonous so be sure to clean up any spills!

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is generally dyed a reddish color to help distinguish it from other fluids in the car. The accumulating puddle will usually appear underneath the passenger cabin as well, where the transmission is generally located. A fluid leak will be often be accompanied by grinding gears or other transmission trouble.

Differential Fluid Leak

Differential fluid looks similar to transmission fluid so the best way to tell the difference is to see where the fluid is collecting. If it is coming from the rear of the vehicle it is more likely the fluid is dripping from the differential.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks are quite common in vehicles with high mileage and this type of leaky is easy to spot because of the dark stain it will leave on your driveway. Oil circulates through the engine and there are many places where it may seep from since there are many seals and gaskets. Have a certified mechanic check the problem to see how soon the problem needs to be addressed.

Some leaks require immediate action while others should just be closely monitored, if your budget won't allow for a fix right away. But it is important to have a mechanic check out all leaks to ensure you won't end up needing expensive auto repair down the road. For professional auto repair in Richmond or Midlothian get in touch with the Auto Repairs Plus nearest you!

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