Common Check Engine Light Triggers

How to Identify a Great Richmond Auto Repair Shop


How to Identify a Great Richmond Auto Repair ShopWhen your car is giving your some sort of trouble or is due for scheduled maintenance you shouldn't have to go back to the dealership and spend excessive amounts of money on routine or complex service. You need to find an independent auto repair shop that provides you with the honest advice and affordable pricing you deserve. This can be tough to find in an industry that is riddled with stigmas of overselling and under-repairing. In order to find a shop that will best serve you, be sure they hold the following qualities.

BBB Accredited

It is important for any business to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This simply represents their dedication to quality customer service, as this allows themselves to be rated through customer experiences and held to certain standards.

ASE Certified

You don't want amateurs working on your car, do you? No, you need highly trained professionals. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence tests the skills of mechanics to ensure they can properly conduct all sorts of auto repair. This means that you should always seek out the ASE Certified symbol.

Warranty Backed Service

A shop that believes in their repair services will have no issue presenting you with a warranty offer. This means that you can rest easy knowing that should something go wrong with the service you received the problem will be resolved at likely no cost to you.

Excellent Reviews

In today's day and age it is easy to jump online to do a little research about nearly any business. After finding a shop that you think suits your needs be sure to look for any reviews online to see what real customers thought about their experience with the company.

Locally Owned & Operated

Using small, independent shops will mean that you're more likely to be treated as a friend, not just another customer. The people who run these shops know they need to make lasting relationships with other community members, which means doing everything they can to provide great customer service.

The auto repair shop in Richmond that meets all of these requirements is Auto Repairs Plus. Our team of ASE certified auto repair technicians offer bumper to bumper auto repair for all makes and models, ensuring your car runs safely and reliably. Give us a call at (804) 262-4200 to request an appointment for professional auto repair in Richmond any time your car gives you trouble or is due for scheduled auto maintenance.

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