Common Check Engine Light Triggers

Is it time for new shocks?


Is it time for new shocks?The suspension plays a key role in the maneuverability, comfort and safety of your vehicle. The suspension does is tasked with a few important jobs, such as keeping all four wheels on the ground at all times, allowing for adequate braking power at all times. Next, the suspension prevents the car from rolling over while cornering. Of course, the suspension is what keeps your ride comfortable by absorbing vibrations and jolts due to bumps and dips in the roadway. If you experience any of these signs of suspension trouble be sure to contact your local auto repair shop to have the issue resolved.

Excessive bouncing

If you believe that your vehicle is bouncing too much due to a suspension issue there is a quick test that you can conduct. Push on the hood or trunk of your car until it is moving up and down rather quickly. Stop pushing and count how many up and down rotations it does before it comes to a rest. If the car bounces more than four times it is likely time for new suspension components.

Oil on the struts

Another test you can complete to check the health of your suspension is rubbing a rag up and down the struts, which are usually accessible through the wheel wells. If there's an oily substance on the struts then they may need to be replaced. Struts use this oil to absorb the unevenness of the road. If it leaks out of the strut due to a crack in the casing or a failed bushing it will cause your ride to be much less comfy.

One corner appears low

If you notice that your vehicle is leaning on one corner but the tire is not flat tire, it is probable that the suspension components of that corner of the vehicle have failed. New springs, shocks or struts, depending on your vehicle's system, will need to be installed, as this problem can cause pulling, drifting and excessive tire wear.

Rolling sensation

The most scary symptom of suspension trouble is the sensation your car is going to rollover or otherwise go out of control while cornering. One part of the suspension system is called the anti-sway bar, which is tasked with shifting the car's center of gravity while cornering. If it fails your vehicle is at a higher chance of rolling.

Never put off suspension repair if you believe it's having trouble, as it is integral to the safety of your ride. If it is time for suspension repair in Richmond head to All Tune and Lube. We offer quality auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models. To request an estimate for superior auto repair in Richmond, VA, give us a call at (804) 262-4200 today.

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