Common Check Engine Light Triggers

4 Signs it Could be Time for Engine Repair


The engine in your car is a wonderfully engineered piece of machinery. It generates the power necessary to move your vehicle up and down the highway, and all you have to do is hit the gas and hold on! But engines do require regular maintenance in order to keep operating at their optimal performance. Even still, after many miles of use parts will begin to deteriorate on their own. To avoid a breakdown be on the lookout for these four signs of engine trouble that signal it may be time for a tune up, engine repair or even an engine rebuild.

Knocking Sounds

One of the most common symptoms of upcoming engine failure is a repetitive knocking noise. This is usually caused by engine bearings that are wearing down due to high mileage or because they are not being properly lubricated, which could be attributed to auto maintenance neglect. The moving parts of the motor rest on these bearings so its important they remain in good health. The first time your engine tries to tell you a knock knock joke the answer to Whos there? should be the mechanic.

Increase in Exhaust Smoke

Excessive exhaust smoke coming out of your tailpipe is a quick way to determine there is likely engine trouble. The color of the smoke can tell you a bit more about what the problem is Thick black smoke means that too much gasoline is being burnt. Blue smoke signifies an internal oil leak, meaning the oil is being cooked inside the engine, thus preventing proper lubrication. White smoke is a strong indication of a coolant leak and that antifreeze is being burnt up. If your car starts smoking any color head to the auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Engine Leaks

Fluid leaks can result many different problems. In regard to engine operation the leaks you will encounter are oil and coolant. Oil will appear dark, almost black in most cases, and depending on the amount of oil that is leaking it may or may not require immediate repair. Coolant leaks definitely need to be serviced right away. Coolant is most often a bright green and smells sweet. Insufficient coolant inside the engine will likely lead to overheating, causing an array of additional issues.

Loss of Power

Another sign of engine trouble is a loss in power or fuel efficiency. If your car does not accelerate at the same pace that it use to or if it has trouble climbing hills there is a solid chance that internal parts are wearing down. Head to the mechanic to have the issue properly diagnosed.

If you want your car to last for many years be sure to give it the maintenance it deserves, because without it you may be facing serious engine repairs. If you need engine repair in Richmond or Glen Allen head to Auto Repairs Plus. We offer complete auto repair for all makes and models. For professional auto repair in Richmond call us at (804) 262-4200 or to make an appointment for auto repair in Glen Allen call (804) 681-2034 today!

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