Common Check Engine Light Triggers

Get Better MPGs this Summer with Simple Auto Maintenance & Driving Tips


Many people utilize the warmer months for long roadtrips to see all that the United States has to offer. In order to get the best fuel efficiency possible it is important that you take care of your vehicle. It requires routine maintenance from time to time to ensure that it continues to run correctly. However there are a few things you can do as a driver that will also help ensure you get the best MPGs possible.

Maintenance Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

  • Replace the spark plugs - The spark plugs are fed an electrical charge which ignites the air/fuel mix that pumps the pistons. If the plugs are dirty they will misfire, causing a rough idle and decreased MPGs. Check your owner's manual to see how often your vehicle needs this service.
  • Don't skip oil changes - Oil changes help to remove engine gunk that makes the engine have to work unnecessarily hard. Fresh oil restores power and fuel efficiency and ensures proper lubrication.
  • Replace the air filter - If the air filter becomes dirty it can cause the engine to run rich, meaning it will burn excess amounts of gas. This is a simple service that can save you many, many gallons of gas over the summer.

Driving Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

  • Always drive the speed limit - Cars hit the max fuel efficiency at about 55-60 MPH, a common speed limit on most highways. Exceeding this can drastically reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Forget the cartop carriers - Using cartop carriers can increase wind resistance, thus dropping MPGs. Try to find a rear mounted carrier or use a small trailer, if possible.
  • Avoid idling - Many folks believe starting your car takes more gas than letting it run for a few minutes. This use to be true, when vehicles were carbureted, now days it is a better idea to simply shut your car off and restart it if you'll be in one place for more than a few minutes.

By following these easy auto maintenance and driving tips you can spend more time on the road and less at the gas station. If you need a pre-trip inspection or help with any auto maintenance in Richmond or Midlothian bring your vehicle into Auto Repairs Plus. We offer expert auto maintenance and repair for all makes and models! Give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule service today.

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