Why You Don't Want to Miss Your 30/60/90K Maintenance


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When a vehicle rolls off the manufacturers parking lot, it has been built to last. The car has been built to be tested, to encounter a variety of environments, and withstand any kind of weather. However, even the most durable of vehicles require a checkup every once in awhile and it's important to stay on top of these regular appointments. Just like it's a good idea to have a professional doctor take a look at your health every once in awhile, it's important to have a team of expert auto technicians take a close look at your vehicle every 30,000 miles. This is the perfect time for the professionals to peer under the hood, check your fluids, and make sure everything is running the way it should. The primary goal of these regular maintenance appointments is to help you get to the next 30,000 mile checkup.

When Should I Bring it In?

While the general rule of thumb suggests the vehicle is inspected every 30,000 miles, this is not set in stone. The best way to figure out when you should bring the vehicle in is by reading the owner's manual that came along with the car. This will indicate exactly when you should be scheduling your regular maintenance appointments. In addition, never feel like you need to wait until you hit the next 30,000 mile mark. Should you ever start to notice any weird or concerning behaviors coming from your car, don't hesitate to take it into a team of experts. For example, if there are new smells coming from the engine, smoke emerging from the hood or rear, or new sounds rattling from within, don't want to have it checked out.

What Needs to Be Inspected?

While every car has the general items usually inspected such as the oil, filters, fluids, tire pressure, etc, each car has an individual set of needs and should be treated accordingly. Again, feel free to read through the owner's manual that came along with your car to get a better idea of any special needs your car might have. This will allow you to come into the schedule maintenance appointment better prepared to ask any questions and understand items the auto technicians might discuss with you. Never hesitate to ask questions of the auto technicians -- they are there to assist you and make sure you understand exactly what needs to be serviced on your vehicle.

Our vehicles are built to last, but that doesn't mean it won't still need regular checkups. Just like the human body, it's a good idea to have it looked at by professionals every once in a while to make sure it is as healthy as it can possibly be. Finding a trusted auto repair shop who understands the complexities of your vehicle and can keep it running for many miles to come, is important. The next time you are in need of your 30/60/90K Maintenance in Richmond take a minute and give us a call at All Tune & Lube Midlothian at (804) 298-2831 as soon as you can! Our team of experienced and reliable auto technicians are ready to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and make sure it's in the best condition it can be at this point in the car's life. We want to get you through the next 30,000 miles.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ