Why are oil changes so important?


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When it comes to auto maintenance there is no service your car will require as often as an oil change. This service is much more than just draining the old oil and replacing it. Oil changes are absolutely necessary to ensure your vehicle's engine remains healthy and operating properly. Without an oil change you will soon find yourself facing major engine problems that may result in a need for an engine rebuild or replacement. Here are 4 reasons to never put off or skip oil changes.

Ensures proper engine lubrication

The most important reason to always change your oil on time, which for most vehicles is between every 3,000 and 5,000 miles, is to ensure the moving parts of the motor are correctly lubricated. After many miles oil begins to break down, losing its smoothness, which can result in harsh contact between the parts of the motor. Excessive friction could result in a need for massive engine repair.

Keeps the engine temperature down

Oil helps regulate the engine temperature by ensuring that heat is not produced due to unwanted friction. Oil is also specifically engineered to absorb heat inside the motor. After many miles of use oil begins to lose its properties that help it these duties.

Oil changes keep the engine clean

When your vehicle is operating it can collect dust and dirt and may also pick up tiny metal particles inside the motor. As this debris mixes with the oil it turns it from a refined liquid to a muddy substance that can hinder the motor's ability to properly operate. By draining this dirty oil out and replacing it with fresh oil and installing a fresh oil filter you'll help your vehicle attain maximum performance, including higher fuel efficiency.

Gives the technician a chance to inspect your vehicle

During an oil change a technician has a chance to get under the hood and under the car, giving it a thorough inspection in order to identify any potential issues so you can have them resolved before you find yourself broken down on the side of the road.

Scheduled auto maintenance is crucial for all makes and models. To schedule an oil change in Richmond or Glen Allen get in touch with All Tune and Lube. We provide full service auto repair, including engine diagnostics, brake repair, transmission service and much more. To schedule an appointment for auto maintenance in Richmond or Glen Allen give us a call at the location nearest you and don't forget to check out our excellent special offers for discounted services at either location.

All Tune And Lube - Richmond VA Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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