What are the Signs of Transmission Trouble?


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Have you begun to experience strange issues with your shifter? Does your car's engine tend to pause when moving from one gear to another? These are common signs of transmission trouble that call for a trip to a professional transmission repair center. The following is a more detailed description of these issues and what may cause them. Should you have any concerns about your transmission don't hesitate to have it checked out by an expert technician.

Grinding noises

Strange noises are a common sign of transmission trouble, particularly grinding and whining. Grinding noises can represent a lack of transmission fluid as there is not sufficient lubrication. Whining noises may mean that the needle pins of the torque converter in your automatic transmission are worn out.

Popping out of gear

If your manual transmission vehicle tends to suddenly pop out of gear and into neutral you will want to have the issue repaired ASAP as this prevents you from being able to properly control your vehicle. This is caused by a lack of holding power which may be related to low levels of transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid leaks

A red liquid dripping from underneath your car is a clear sign of a transmission fluid leak. This can result in major transmission damage if not quickly taken care of.

Delayed shifting

Does your automatic transmission tend to not shift quickly, particularly from gear to gear as you drive? This is characterized by high engine revving when the vehicle shifts. This is another sign of low transmission fluid, but it could also be caused by a faulty sensor.

Burning smell

When driving a manual transmission vehicle you may notice a burning smell during shifting, but this is often due to a worn out clutch plate that needs replacement. The smell will be reminiscent of learning to drive a stick shift.

Your transmission has an important job so be sure to take care of it with proper transmission service! When it is time for transmission repair in Richmond, Glen Allen or Midlothian get in touch with your local All Tune and Lube. We conduct all aspects of auto repair, including transmission repair, engine diagnostics, brake repair, suspension repair and routine auto maintenance. Contact the shop closest to you to request professional auto repair in Richmond or the surrounding areas.

All Tune And Lube - Richmond VA Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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