Top 4 Auto Electric Problems


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Top 4 Auto Electric ProblemsJudging by the outside you wouldn't think that your car or truck is really a maze of electrical wiring that connects this part to that, but it is. Your vehicle's electrical system is actually quite vast and is necessary to run a number of different parts and accessories in your vehicle. In fact, electricity is necessary just to get your car started! The following are 4 of the most common auto electric issues. If you think your car is suffering from electrical difficulties be sure to bring your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop so the issue can be properly resolved.

Blown Fuse

In order to ensure that certain parts of the vehicle are not damaged from too much electrical current fuses are used. A fuse will break an electrical circuit if an unsafe level of electricity is passing through the system. Fuses are used for just about every electrical system in the vehicle. If your lights suddenly go out, your turn signals stop working, your radio turns off or you suffer some other weird electrical issue, be sure to start with the fuse box. Replacing fuses is generally quite easy and inexpensive.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what produces the electricity used by your car. All excess electrical juice is then stored in the battery to help start the car the next time you get in it. If the alternator begins to fail you may notice dim or flickering headlights, a loss of use of certain electrical features and other electrical problems. If it fails completely your battery will be drained and you won't be able to start your car.

Stuck Relay

Relays are placed in electrical systems to turn certain parts on or off, such as the fuel pump. If a relay is stuck on the on position it will continue operating, even when the car is off, resulting in a dead battery. This may also damage the part the relay is responsible for.

Dead Battery

Car batteries can die for a number of reasons, but the most common include leaving lights on or a door ajar. In these cases the battery will likely be able to be jump started an recharged. However, batteries do not last forever and do need to be replaced between 2-5 years, depending on your battery type.

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