Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?


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It's easy to forget how important a vehicle's suspension system is to its day-to-day functionality. For starters, we don't see the suspension system and how complex it is. One thing to take into consideration is how the everyday wear and tear the suspension undergoes puts a great deal of pressure on the suspension system and the shocks may begin to wear out over time. This is important to remember since the suspension system is not simply there to help you have a smooth ride down the road... its purpose is a bit more complicated. The complicated nature of this system also means only a team of specially skilled and trained auto technicians can adequately inspect and repair your suspension system. The next time you think you could benefit from suspension repair be sure to find a team of auto technicians you feel you can trust, like the team here at All Tune & Lube Midlothian.

Why is My Car Bumpy?

Many drivers will become clued into an unhealthy suspension system when the way their car drives begins to change. One of the main ways your vehicle's driving style may begin to change is if you notice a new "bounce" to the way it drives. This means you will begin to feel even the smallest of bumps in the road and the entire body of the vehicle seems to bounce after it comes into contact with the bumps. This can be a sign that the suspension system has begun to wear out a bit and is in need of a special tune up from qualified auto technicians. Another kind of bounce you may experience is your vehicle sort of dipping -- or nose diving in the front -- when you apply the brakes at a rapid pace. If you start to notice either of these symptoms it's probably a good time to bring your vehicle into a nearby auto maintenance center for a thorough inspections.

Why Are My Tires Wearing Unevenly?

A common sign that your suspension system isn't in the best shape it could be in is when you begin to notice uneven tire wear on your tires.If the suspension system is not holding up, the weight distribution to your tires will be uneven resulting in uneven tire wear. This is problematic as it can quickly begin to affect gas mileage and the ability to grip the road in a safe manner. In addition, uneven tire wear and cause the lifespan of tires to decrease sharply, causing you to need to replace tires well before they originally should have been replaced. If you notice uneven tire wear there is a chance you are in need of suspension repair. Don't delay in having your suspension system looked at by a team of highly qualified auto technicians ASAP.

Though we may not see it on a regular basis while driving our car, the suspension is always there, helping us drive our car in a safe and reliable manner. Without the suspension our wheels would not be able to function correctly and we wouldn't have the kind of control over our direction as is necessary. This is why the minute you suspect there is something up with your suspension it's vital you get in touch with a trusted auto maintenance center where you can have your suspension checked out and repaired. The next time you think you might be in need of suspension repair in Midlothian get a hold of our team here at All Tune & Lube Midlothian at (804) 298-2831 right away! We pride ourselves in serving the Richmond community and offering exceptional services and repairs. Your suspension is a vital part of your vehicle's functionality and we are here to ensure it is always in top shape.

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Written By Brian Corey

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