Does Auto Part Quality Really Matter?


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Before bringing your car to an auto shop it is important to find out if they use OEM parts for repairs and maintenance. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are necessary for several reasons. There are many aftermarket parts makers that sell low quality replacements that could end up doing more harm than good once installed on your car. While it is true there are some companies that put out high quality aftermarket parts as well, these are usually intended for people looking to boost performance, but these too have their downsides, such as causing a conflict with any existing warranty. Here are three reasons to always ensure the use of OEM replacement parts when conducting auto repairs on your vehicle.

Quality Parts

The number 1 reason to utilize OEM parts is so that you can be sure they will be of made to manufacturer quality specifications. When purchasing aftermarket parts from a parts distributor that you have never heard of it can be difficult to know what sort of effort actually went into manufacturing the part. There is a reason some parts cost much less than factory replacements. The materials that cheap parts are cast from are generally of lower grade metal or plastic that will quickly wear down.

Proper Fitting Parts

Another problem that people who use aftermarket parts will run into is that the parts do not fit correctly when trying to replace the factory equipment. OEM parts are designed specifically for a certain car or truck's drivetrain or other system. Some auto parts manufacturers try to replicate generic parts that are supposed to work with many vehicles, but in the end they often just don't fit correctly.

Keeps Warranties Valid

If your vehicle is currently under warranty you will find that it's necessary to use factory specific parts to complete auto repairs in order to keep the warranty valid. Using aftermarket parts and accessories may forfeit the warranty's benefits due to the possibility of the non-OEM parts being at fault for problems that occur in the future.

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All Tune And Lube - Richmond VA Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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