Is it time for Cooling System Repair? Here's how to Tell!


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If your car springs a coolant leak from the radiator or elsewhere in the cooling system your vehicle will soon begin overheating, which can cause major engine damage and could even end up requiring you to replace the motor. Pay attention to the engine temperature gauge on the dash. If you see it rising to the hot side be sure you pull over immediately, as well as if you notice steam or white smoke coming from under your hood. If your car has overheated or if you think you're at risk of overheating check for these signs of a coolant leak. Be sure to do it when your car is cool though, so you do not burn yourself on hot engine parts.

Low Coolant Fluid Levels

Regardless of if you think you've got a cooling system problem or not it is important to check the coolant level in your radiator every so often to be sure it is at the right level. Be sure to do this when the car has not been run for a couple hours so that it is not hot to the touch and all coolant has returned to the coolant reservoir for an accurate reading. If it is low you will want to see a mechanic to find out why.

White Exhaust Smoke

If your coolant levels are low you may have noticed white exhaust smoke being emitted from your tailpipe. If the coolant leak is internal and allowing the coolant to be burnt up in the combustion chamber the your vehicle will produce thick white clouds of exhaust.

Coolant Fluid Puddle

Probably the most obvious sign of radiator trouble is a visible coolant leak. This vehicle fluid is usually a bright green color, but can also be pink or yellow, and it will have a slimy feel. Radiator fluid is very attractive to animals but is very poisonous if swallowed so it is important to clean up any puddles that you find and then make an appointment for repair right away.

Radiator Rust or Discoloration

If you notice any discoloration or rust on the radiator or nearby engine parts you likely have a radiator fluid leak. If the fluid squirts out of the radiator or a coolant system hose and lands on a hot engine part it will quickly boil and burn off and leave behind a spot which will begin to rust.

If your vehicle has overheating issues or you've noticed a radiator leak you should seek a mechanic right away to avoid more costly damage. Radiator replacement is generally quite affordable and very important to complete if your car needs it. For expert cooling system and radiator repair in Richmond, Glen Allen or Midlothian come talk to the ASE certified technicians at All Tune and Lube. We will run high tech diagnostics to ensure the correct auto repairs are completed on your vehicle. Give us a call at the location nearest you for auto repair in Richmond, auto repair in Glen Allen or auto repair in Midlothian and the surrounding communities.

All Tune And Lube - Richmond VA Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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