Does My Car Need Clutch Repair?


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Does My Car Need Clutch Repair?The clutch you press when driving your manual transmission vehicle is basically a lever that regulates power distribution to the wheels.The clutch must be pressed in order to shift through the gears of the transmission. Without a proper working clutch pedal and plate a manual transmission vehicle would not be able to shift gears, resulting in a vehicle that would be inoperable. If you notice any of these three signs of clutch failure be sure to get to the shop to have it repaired right away.

Gear Slipping or Popping

If your car often slips out of gear into neutral or it suffers from sudden lurching or jerking movement as you cruise down the road without any assistance from the accelerator or brake pedal then there is a good chance the clutch is worn down and needs replacing. However, another cause of this that is somewhat common is the occurrence of an oil leak dripping onto the clutch plate. This results in unnecessary lubrication and causes the gears to slip.

Sticky Clutch

A clutch that becomes difficult to press or a pedal that now seems to rest closer to the floor is a good indication of trouble with the hydraulic linkage connected to the clutch. While there is a chance that it may just need an adjustment, if there is a leak of the fluid that the linkage uses there may be a complete loss of clutch pressure. The issue would more than likely require a the replacement of the clutch linkage and clutch plate.

Burning Smell

The burning smell of paper while behind the wheel often reminds people of when they were first learning to drive a clutch. While there will be some minor wear and tear on the clutch during the learning process, this won't often warrant a trip to the mechanic. But if you start to smell the scent of a burning clutch on a regular basis, long after the days of your learner's permit, the clutch plate has likely worn thin and will need replacement. If your daily commute includes heavy stop and go traffic, you'll find yourself needing this service much sooner than you'd hope!

At the first sign of clutch damage be sure to have the issue resolved, as it can lead to further damage for the transmission. For expert clutch repair in Richmond head to All Tune and Lube. We offer superior auto repair services for all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for any type of auto repair in Richmond give us a call at (804) 621-2261 or visit us in Glen Allen or Midlothian.

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