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It doesn't take an auto wizard to understand how essential a healthy engine is to the overall functionality of a vehicle. However, it does take a team of highly skilled auto technicians (or, auto wizards) to properly identify what might be wrong with an engine that just isn't working the way it used to. It's important as a driver to stay tuned into the way your vehicle runs. This is the most surefire way to recognize a potential issue as soon as it appears. Luckily most vehicles also come along with a check engine light on the dashboard to notify drivers when a problem might be under the surface. The only problem with a check engine light illuminating is that you still don't know why and it takes a team of expert technicians with the right engine diagnostic equipment to discern the true cause. Don't delay getting engine repair help from an auto repair center that knows what it's doing, like the team at All Tune & Lube.

Check Engine Light

One of the main ways drivers realize they may be in need of engine repair is when the check engine light illuminates on the dashboard. And while it is helpful to get this warning, it can be stressful or scary for a driver to not know what is wrong with the engine. This is where a trusted and highly skilled team of auto professionals come in handy. With the most advanced diagnostic equipment they will be able to pinpoint the reason the check engine light came on and let you know if repair work is needed. Engine diagnostics are the best way to accurately and quickly identify what might be in need of repair or service, meaning this maintenance can occur right away. Don't ignore the check engine light when it comes on... be sure to have it checked out.

Scheduled Auto Maintenance

For car owners looking for a straightforward and easy way to help avoid the need for engine repair there is no greater thing you can do than stay on top of regular scheduled auto maintenance. With regular scheduled auto maintenance you ensure your vehicle is inspected by a team of highly trained auto mechanics who can thoroughly look at your car, truck, or SUV and catch anything that might need attention. It is suggested that vehicles receive inspections and maintenance every 30,000 miles. This way you can bring your vehicle in at 30/60/90K for service. Whether you are due for an oil change, tune up, fluid flush service, or other regular maintenance steps you will receive them during your scheduled auto maintenance appointment.

Even drivers with only basic auto mechanic knowledge understand that the engine is one of the most important parts of a car, truck, or SUV. But for many drivers, it's not always clear what the issue might be if an engine is no longer working properly. This is especially true if the check engine light has illuminated but you have no idea why. The best thing to do is track down a trusted auto repair center that specializes in engine diagnostics. The next time you are on the hunt for the absolute best engine diagnostics in Midlothian take a moment and give us call at All Tune & Lube at (804) 298-2831 right away! Our team of highly skilled auto technicians pride themselves in staying up to date with today's advanced diagnostic equipment. We are happy to serve the Richmond community with our expert engine insights.

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